onsdag 1. august 2012

Sponsor August

Ny måned og da er det ny sponsor.

Denne gangen har vi fått med oss The Paper Shelter.

dette sier de om seg selv: 

If you are looking for fun, cute and lovely digi stamps for your paper-crafting or web design projects, The Paper Shelter is your one-stop boutique! This growing catalog of high-quality digi stamps with many different kind of options offers a multitude of themes such as everyday items, holidays, special occasions, children, adorable characters and creatures. Stamps are available in standard black and white line art, as well as in pre-colored format. Images are wonderful for coloring and make perfect additions to greeting cards and scrapbook albums. In "The Paper Shelter" you'll also find great other resources for all crafts (or digital) projects, like Paper Packs, Printables, Accesory sheet, etc.

Vi ser frem til utfordringen 6.august. Vi sees :D 

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